Gordon Waddell - Founder of ADVANCED FITNESS CONCEPTS, Montclair, NJ

Not every personal trainer is worth the time and money they ask of a client.  Some operate with good intentions yet are woefully undereducated; others can be negligent - simply taking you through often improper and dangerous exercise motions.  But don't write them all off, there are a few who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a safe, effective and sound routine for their clients. 

Gordon Waddell, owner of Advanced Fitness Concepts in Montclair, is one of the best around, and this is why.  "I tell everyone, from longtime friends to prospective clients that they should search for a personal trainer the same way they would select a surgeon," says Gordon, "get involved, visit multiple trainers and never, ever settle for anything but the best."

Gordon was always involved in fitness and sports training.  "I felt compelled to do more," says Gordon, "so I pursed a second degree, this time in exercise physiology."  He wanted to try physical therapy, but lacked the prerequisites - so he volunteered at a practice for a time and was accepted in the MSPT program at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.  "The commute back and forth across the Tappan Zee Bridge got to me though," says Gordon, "and I felt I could do more with my time."  He joined a new gym in Verona and began his personal training career in earnest.

True to his work ethic, Gordon became fitness director before long, and during the process earned his masters degree at MSU.  "But even as I progressed at the gym, I saw the industry around me change," says Gordon, "what was once a job about helping people achieve their goals became one about meeting sales quotas."  He decided that it was time to move on, to keep learning and return to the ideals of his childhood: using his love of science to help others.

 "Since I was young that was all I wanted to do," says Gordon, "and I dedicated myself to furthering my education, so I could."  'Always learning' is a kind of informal mantra for Gordon, and it keeps him at the forefront of industry trends.

He started training his clients (who followed him after he left the gym) at a local studio in 2006. In 2010 good friends of his opened a state of the art private studio and allow him to run his company, Advanced Fitness Concepts, with no restraints, restrictions, or quotas from there.

With Gordon you will always receive the leading scientific research in training and exercise.  Every movement, lift, stretch, routine and nutrition choice is carefully researched and then modified in a fashion that suits the specific client.  "I've seen trainers give the same instruction to all of their clients," says Gordon, "and what works for one may not work for another, and may even be downright dangerous."

Every client without exception will receive Gordon's undivided, and specific attention to best supports them in their fitness goals.  Respecting you as an individual, rather than treating you as a 'timeslot', is what sets Gordon above the competition.

Another accolade that singles him out is the fact that he is the only Functional Movement Screen certified trainer in Montclair.  "It [FMS] is a test based upon 7 basic movements used in daily life, exercise, and athletics" says Gordon, "based on a scale of 0 to 3."  Zero indicates pain during the movement (usually followed by a referral to doctor or physical therapist- no one should ever exercise in pain), a one indicates an inability to do the movement, a two means the individual could do the movement with help or a compensation, and three equates to a perfect execution of the movement." (For those still wondering, these movements include things like squatting, bending, pushing, pulling, etc.)

Once the 7 movements are assessed along with posture, flexibility, core stability, and a detailed health & injury history (a process that takes between 1 and 2 hours), a score is tallied out of a possible 21 points.  "Even Olympic athletes have a tough time scoring 21," says Gordon.  From 14 and up indicates a general readiness for gym workouts, while 12 and under raises concerns about a high probability of injury.  However you score, be sure that Gordon will design a fitness regimen that suits your specific needs.

Gordon is a vast storehouse of information, far more than can be put forth in this article.  If his professionalism and dedication have piqued your interest though, please visit his website www.ADVANCED-FITNESS-CONCEPTS.com
http://www.ADVANCED-FITNESS-CONCEPTS.com or call (973) 865-6691 to arrange a free in person consultation. He can also be reached by e-mail at: Gordon@ADVANCED-FITNESS-CONCEPTS.com mailto:Gordon@ADVANCED-FITNESS-CONCEPTS.com

Reed Patterson -Editor Circles of Montclair 2011