Here’s what some of Gordon’s clients have to say:


·         “I’m a physician and the team doctor for the local school system and have been training with Gordon for over 3 years.  He is a terrific trainer and is head and shoulders above the typical trainer you'll meet in the gym. He's knowledgeable and up to date on the latest training techniques and uses those skills to help me continue to make progress in my training goals.  I've recommended him to close friends and patients who've all been equally satisfied”. – Tom McCarrick, M.D., Town Medical Associates Montclair, NJ.


·         “I came to Gordon over 5 years ago to begin a conditioning program to prepare for hip replacement surgery. I already had one artificial hip, which limited my movement. I needed someone who understood the complexities and demands of the procedure. Gordon assured me that he could help. What was supposed to be several weeks of therapy has turned into a challenging, always progressing system of exercise that has exceeded (and still exceeds) my expectations and allows me to maintain my practice and lifestyle without slowing down – At 70+ years old, that’s pretty impressive!”                   - Michael Brand, M.D. Montclair, NJ


·         “Gordon has a high-quality and cutting edge approach.  I never feel like I'm on the "factory" line, but rather that I have the assurance that everything we do is customized for what I need.  Goals are adjusted for short and long term needs in a way I didn't know was even possible. He does a thorough assessment, and pays attention every session to what the progress is and what will help achieve more.  He prepares every session in advance, responding to corrections you need to make and where you are getting 'stuck.'  Total professionalism and visible results! With lots of variety to keep you well prepared for total health and total wellness, and with lots of encouragement. -  Sarah Karl, Phd. Clinical Psychologist, Prof. University of Medicine & Dentistry of N.J.


·         ”Gordon is amazing! I herniated 2 discs Powerlifting and had a discectomy. I thought my Bodybuilding & Powerlifting career was over. Gordon took over my rehabilitation and taught me how to train correctly WITHOUT injury. I am now looking forward to my first Master’s bodybuilding competition. His knowledge is incredible and I highly recommend him to anyone.” – Rich Fitter, President Fitter Bodies, WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Hercules Bodybuilding Champion, NJ Natural Bench Press Champion.


·         •” I first brought my 15 year old daughter to Gordon. She was recovering from an accident where she was thrown from a horse into a fence during an equestrian competition. She had many injuries and Gordon helped her to the extent that she is now fully recovered and able to compete again. He is VERY good at training, by formal education, as well as practical experience, he knows more about training and fitness than any other five people I've met combined!  As for me, well that's a bigger challenge! But all I can say is that he puts together work outs for me that exercise muscles I never knew existed, and back problems I've had in the past seem to be disappearing. Gordon just doesn't work harder, he works A LOT smarter! His service is highly personal, and he is one of the nicest people you'll meet! –Cary Africk, Montclair NJ


·         “What can I say, Gordon has changed my life forever!  After wasting thousands of dollars and hours on gym memberships and programs like Weight Watchers, which gave minimal results, I have lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for over 3 years! I had knee, neck and back pain and it hurt to exercise. Gordon showed me how the aerobic exercise program and group exercise classes I was doing were causing me injuries and exacerbating others I had. His program assessed all my injuries & limitations and provided me with a fun, challenging program that allowed me to exercise on a consistent basis WITH NO PAIN! I learned how to exercise and lift weights properly, WITHOUT machines. He showed me how to use weight training with NO aerobics to build lean muscle and lower my body fat (from 31% to 19%) and taught me that exercise without proper nutrition can’t maintain a healthy weight loss. He also taught me that 95% of what the media and fitness industry promotes as healthy and effective is actually useless and can be dangerous. The best part is I never felt alone and he answered every question I had and provided additional peer reviewed scientific & medical references to back it up; no information from “fitness comic books” (What Gordon calls all the newsstand fitness magazines).  I look forward to every workout and recommend him highly to anyone that wants a safe, fun and effective program! – Jane Olandorf, Verona NJ


·         “I have had fabulous results training with Gordon. When I started with him two years ago I had issues in my knees and back. I needed to lose weight, build muscle and improve my overall health. I was impressed with Gordon’s approach from the very first sessions. Instead of simply giving me a standard training program, he developed a program specifically for me. He looked at my life style from several perspectives; examining my activity levels, nutrition and the amount of stress in my life. His expertise in exercise physiology enabled him to use the information he gathered to develop a personalized training program for me which helped me to achieve proper body alignment, improve my overall strength and flexibility and feel more fit than I had in years. The exercises challenged me, but they also made me feel good. Best of all, the exercises could all be done anywhere, so I could continue training from home if I couldn’t make a session. He tailored the program to address the issues with my knees and back, and it has been many months since I’ve had any pain or problems in either area. Under his training I’ve lost weight, toned my body and gained strength throughout. I look forward to training each week because it feels so great!” – Kaitlin Haynes, Montclair NJ


·         Gordon is an unusual mix of experience, education and intelligence. I came to Gordon two years ago for help with a shoulder injury. He provided me with a corrective training program that fixed my problem and allowed me to become fit again. His training is exciting and challenging and he teaches you how to train correctly to avoid injury. Now, I am squatting, deadlifting and even learning some Olympic lifts! Gordon is not your typical trainer--he goes that extra distance for his clients--and I'm glad I'm one of them!” – Linda Kravitz. CEO Powerfit LLC.


·         I have been working with Gordon for almost ten years now.  I work at a computer desk all day, and I realized I needed a trainer that understands what I need to do maintain tone and strength, knowing what I must be doing all day as part of my work.  Gordon understands and customizes programs to completely satisfy my requirements.  He is easy to work with, and fun to work with.  His routines are always challenging but never boring.  I credit Gordon with helping me maintain my strength, muscle tone, balance, and weight control. Thank you Gordon –Lester Anderson, Verona NJ